And so we begin our journey

Women facing cancer and the nasty effects of chemotherapy treatments, etc. need a comfortable place to rest. But many women do not have that luxury and that’s why we created My Happy Haven. While we can’t go out and heal the world, we can make a difference, starting in our community. We can help one woman at a time with this unique experience.

Our mission it to expand My Happy Haven’s into other communities by forming affiliates. There are women everywhere who are enduring cancer and the effects of some of the treatments. We want to help as many women as we can possibly reach. We can accomplish that through affiliates. By helping you, you help us. One of those ways is by acquiring Corporate Sponsors, spreading our message and our passion. We want to help you start your own MHH by making it as easy as possible. We’ll take care of the legalities so you can start living your passion…helping others.

My Happy haven is partnering with another non-profit organization to bring women the makeovers of makeovers. HELLO GORGEOUS and My Happy Haven will be teaming up to do some amazing things. Details to come!

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