Misty on KIMT

by Brian Tabick

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MASON CITY, Iowa – What started out as a shock to Misty Theilen of Mason City quickly turned to tears as she opened the door to her new room.

Theilen has endured a battle with cancer for the better half of 4 years travelling back and fourth to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, but her biggest concern is how much time it has taken away from her family.

“I missed so much of what a mother wants to do,” she says. “A mother wants to go to the games to be there for their kids and I couldn’t do it.”

Though My Happy Haven has a list of rooms they would like to help out with, coming up with the funds isn’t easy.

“We have a budget of $2,500 per room and in order to continue to do these projects, we need sponsors,” says Deidra Rattay. “Local businesses, individuals, anybody who can come forth and donate money to My Happy Haven that we can keep doing what we’re doing.”

So that they can continue to bring joy to those enduring a hard time.

“I just hope that other cancer patients, anybody else with cancer, won’t be afraid to ask people for help,” says Theilen. That was my problem, it was my pride and their mom. They’re my responsibility to take care of them, but I’ve learned tonight that there is a community that’s willing to help out.”

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