Jean O’Neil

On March 1st, 2017 I found a lump on my neck while I was at work. I saw my doctor and was told I needed an ultrasound. The ultrasound was read by a radiologist and a biopsy was recommended. The biopsy was performed and it took two long weeks to get the results. There was suspicion for diffuse large B cell lymphoma in my thyroid. Unfortunately, in order to start treatment, a definitive diagnosis was required. On March 27th, I had a right hemithyroidectomy and my lobe was sent for pathology. On April 17th my results came back confirming the diagnosis of diffuse large B cell lymphoma in my thyroid, also known as primary thyroid lymphomy, which I learned was a rare form of malignancy. Fortunately, my cancer was detected early at stage 1E, the E meaning extranodal or presenting outside of the lymph nodes. I began chemotherapy in May, undergoing a regimen called R-CHOP. Before my third treatment, I discussed an option I learned about involving three chemo sessions and radiation therapy. I met with a Radiation Oncologist who discussed the treatment plan with me in detail. This treatment is what we determined to be the best course of treatment for me. However the PET scan performed after the third chemotherapy treatment showed activity remaining in my left thyroid, which precluded radiation therapy as an option. In August, I resumed chemotherapy again. I had an incident a few days after chemotherapy where I passed out and was hospitalized for a couple days. The side effects I am experiencing include fatigue, muscle and joint pain. I have now completed six rounds of chemotherapy and am awaiting a PET scan result. My hope is I will get the best news and will be finished with treatment October 29th. I will then see my oncologist to get results of the PET scan.

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