Kathy Larsen

In September 2017, I was scheduled to have my second ablation for atrial fibrillation. A Chest CT scan was ordered prior to the surgery and it showed three spots on my liver.
In October, we met with my cancer doctor and was told I had Stage IV Non-Hodgkin B-cell Lymphoma. He set up a schedule of six R-CHOP chemotherapy sessions every three weeks, and I started one week later. I went through a whirlwind round of tests and scans over the next couple of weeks which showed the cancer was in my liver only.
Being told what could be expected for side effects and actually living with them, was and still is, challenging. When the pain was bad, or I’d start feeling sorry for myself, I’d tell myself “I’m a Warrior, not a Wimp and I will get through this with God’s help”.
In March 2018, my last PET scan shows that I am in remission. The chemotherapy has ended but its side effects are still present.
I have felt blessed that this was caught early as I showed no usual signs of this lymphoma.
I am thankful for the support and many prayers on my behalf from family and friends. My children have helped steady and encourage me: son, Jamie and his wife Kelly, with their medical knowledge, and daughter Jolene, who has been with me for appointments, tests and done errands when I couldn’t.
Jolene nominated me for My Happy Haven and I am grateful to have been chosen. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me.
Jolene (daughter) has this to say: I nominated my Mom because I feel she deserves to be pampered after sacrificing for us while being a single mother raising my brother, Jamie and I. She’s a warrior to have to endure the treatments required to battle the cancer. I would do anything to make her smile.

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