Mariah Barret

Ia. Bariatrics – Dr. Kyle & Phyllis VerSteeg, gave Mariah Barret of Mason City the gift of a lifetime. Their generous donation allowed My Happy Haven to totally transform Mariah’s bedroom, from a dark, drab room, into a light, airy and inviting space. Reeling from the affects of chemotherapy, Mariah needed a place where she could rest comfortably…she needed her haven. The Reveal was so much fun this evening, as Mariah’s reaction was priceless! She commented she didn’t think her room could ever look like so good! Wondering about the framed dart on the wall? There’s a little story behind that. “At one time, Doug and I had a dart board and we always messed around tossing darts at it. It got lost in a move except that one, yellow dart. We moved a lot over a couple of years and each time we moved, he tossed that one lonely dart at a wall in our bedroom. It would just stick there until we moved again. This is the longest we have lived in one home in the 25 years we’ve been together. We’ve lived in this house for 14 years”. Now you can understand why that dart just had to stay in its place! The team of people making Mariah’s transformation possible includes the following. Most of these people have been with us from the beginning and we owe them our gratitude and appreciation, for their contribution is critical to the makeover process. LOVE & LUCK PHOTOGRAPHY FURNITURE MATTRESS OUTLET SHERWIN WILLIAMS LINDA KOLBET SHANNON HUEY COUNTRY INN & SUITES KACI HARPER – 31 BAGS Thank you also to Maura Bennet, for nominating her mother. Maura helped coordinate efforts with her siblings and Love & Luck so that we could have beautiful portraits of the children up on Mariah’s walls. If you know of a woman who’s going through a cancer journey and could benefit from a bedroom makeover, please nominate them by going to our website and filling out an online application.


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