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From the time we met our very first recipient, we’ve been in awe of the women’s courage and strength. Many of them not only face the daily struggles of their cancer, enduring physical discomfort, ongoing doctors’ appointments and relentless treatments, but some lack the support system that others are fortunate in having. Their stories are uniquely different and beautifully inspiring, and we are better people for having known them.

  • Jessica Johnson

    Jessica Johnson

    Jessica’s Story - I’m Jessica Johnson and I’m 36 years old. I have a wonderful husband, Brian and 3 children:…

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  • Rose Hanson

    Rose Hanson

    We are blessed to have had the opportunity to develop a new friendship with such a gentle soul. Rose Hansen…

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  • Update: Sharon is back home!

    Update: Sharon is back home!

    Luanne Bige and Lisa Tan had happy hearts seeing our newest BFF, Sharon, back in Clear Lake where she belongs!

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  • Sharon Lindsay

    Sharon Lindsay

    Sharon is from Clear Lake and is battling Stage 4 lung cancer. Sharon will be receiving her new bedroom transformation…

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  • Bridget True

    Bridget True

    Meet My Happy Haven’s newest recipient, Bridget True of Mason City. Smithfield Foods of Mason City graciously sponsored Bridget’s bedroom,…

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  • Misty Theilen

    Misty Theilen

    MY HAPPY HAVEN humbly introduces our first of many beautiful and courageous women we will have the pleasure of getting…

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