I am so proud to live in a town where people care for others so beautifully.  I just read the article in the paper this morning and was amazed by the kindness t...hat is shown by so many in Mason City.  I lost my husband to cancer on Valentine's Day,  2007 so I know how that disease affects the whole family and when I read about the kindness and love shown to the ones affected I am very grateful that people with large hearts exist.  Kudos to your organization

Joanne Kerr · November 11, 2016,

I want to Thank My Happy Haven and everyone that made me the most beautiful, serene place for me to relax after chemotherapy and the fatigue associated with it ...,to look around and know people care and are fighting with me. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! Thank you Lisa Tan, Deidra, Cristy Tass  ,Love & Luck photography (Eric),Smithfield (Dave Bergan) and all the Smithfield employees that helped  Sue and Tom Jones ,Cathy Vorland, Dickes, Jill and Lloyd Buckman, Brandon Manning ,The Best Western and everyone ,I feel truly blessed!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL

Bridget True · December 13, 2016 ,

It really is a beautiful room and such beautiful people doing this program! Thank you all for everything

Heidi McCourt,

Another heartwarming success! So Beautiful, Elegant and Charming! Thank you Happy Haven Team! Truly a Blessing

Pat Davison,